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Thanks for submitting! We will reverse as per your request.

People may call it trash, But an Earth Buddy will always choose to stack the resources and REVERSE IT.

What can you REVERSE?

Return reusables now

We currently accept any kind of empty used glass container like drinks bottle, milk bottles, ghee jars, and other glass bottles. You can drop these containers in the REVERSE BINS placed in you apartment, Co-working, mall, or Horeca by us. We will navigate these containers for sanitization and next use. Reuse is the best thing an Earth Buddy does to save the Planet.

Very soon we will sort them out too...

We are working on automating the REVERSE BINS placed in different locations with technology and mechanics. We will very soon enable these bins to accept all kinds of reusables like cloth bags, paper bags, gel packs, big plastic containers etc. Till then you can choose to request a reverse for them over a call on +91-8088387882, we will get them picked by our recycling partners. Write us on to place a REVERSE reuse bin in your apartment ASAP.







Install a REVERSE BIN in your apartment

A Reuse bin is the future of the greener tomorrow. Help your apartment residents reuse.

We will do the reuse awareness event 

With each event, we ensure the residents get aware of the reuse bin and start reusing.

Request A Reverse

that's flexible and hassle-free. Choose a date for collection by our pickup partners. Schedule now.

It's pickup day!

Our reverser will visit you and pick it all in one go. They may have to segregate and weigh it.

Earn Rewards

A good deed shall always be rewarded :). Now you are an Earth buddy and entitled to earth credits.

Redeem Earth Credits

to cash! Cash vouchers of your favorite brand and keep shopping. Check your rewards.

It's easy and free installation for earlybirds!
Reach our team on the mobile +91-8088387882 or email us on We will install it quickly.
A three day awareness event is all that's needed!
We will do a three day event including a final day event with our brand partners who sponsor the bin installation.
The reverse is the new Lifestyle!
A good Earth buddy will reverse regularly and never cancel a reverse until there are extreme circumstances.
Let your neighbors know!
A good Earth buddy will always spread the good news. It saves Co2 emitted if more people reverse on the same trip.
It's a quantity and quality game!
More the quantity of clean reusables and segregation, better the price. Refer to the list below.
Reach a goal of 1000 Earth credits!
You can generate a cash voucher for a brand of your choice or Donate them to an NGO in the sustainability space.
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