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Let's paint it green together.

Let's collaborate and make the circular economy more circular than our chapatis. Yes, that's how tedha-medha it is. Let’s join hands to protect the most essential factor of our existence -


Sanitization dock

Sanitization and Hygeine Partners

We are partnering with sanitization units pan India to revolutionise the reuse revolution. Partner with us and commit to creating the reuse Infrastructure for the new Indis. It's easy to install a sanitization capacity and follow SOPs in place. 

Warehousing & Logistics partners

We at Reverse are partnering with warehouses and logistics companies all over India to meet our overwhelming demand. Partner with us to take your waste segregation,  warehousing, or transportation business to the next level.

Green Factories and brands

Packaging Designers & Manufacturers

We are partnering with Packaging manufacturers pan India to revolutionize the reuse revolution. Partner with us to design a reusable packaging container that's easy to sanitize and reuse, and also easy to recycle at the end packaging lifecycle.

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